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Cocaine & Drug Addictions

Drug addiction in almost any form is regularly dangerous.  Ecstasy is sometimes used in conjunction with other drugs including marijuana, cocaine and different other substances.  Cocaine use creates a person unstable emotionally, together with physically. 

Usage of cocaine while pregnant can be damaging to the baby's health.  Here are certain physical symptoms linked to abuse of particular sorts of drugs.  An overdose may also be life-threatening sometimes. 


Like a number of other addictive medications, crack cocaine opens the doorway for demonic activity.  The therapy can be classified into pharmacological and behavioral treatment.  I was also on a fixed morphine drip. 



Cocaine Addiction


The Perils of Cocaine Addiction

cocaine addiction
Cocaine Addict

Cocaine is a widely popular drug that is regarded as the leading cause of addiction worldwide. Addiction to this kind of drug can lead  to serious health repercussions in terms of mental as well as physical damages, and worse death. 


The aftermath of cocaine addiction can depend on the length of abuse and exposure of the individual to the drug. Overall, the effects of cocaine addiction in the body can be categorised into two - long term or short term. 


Short Term Cocaine Use


Individuals who make use of the drug for once will surely experience its short term effects. The short term effects of cocaine addiction can include rapid speech, lack of appetite, dilated pupils, and high body temperatures. Some also experience a boost in energy, heightened mental alertness, and heart palpitations. 


Those who tried the drug once are easy prey to drug addiction as they enjoy some of the short term effects of it like heightened energy and mental alertness. The boost in energy can help make the user feel as if he can do almost anything in life and even at work, for many this is one of the many ‘lures’ that eventually lead to heavy drug use. Eventually, it can lead to more tolerance to the drug which can finally lead one to use more and finally lead to cocaine addiction.  


Those who wanted to lose weight experiment with the drug because of its short term effect where users are not hungry when on the drug. A user can go on for days without eating, it is because the drug surpasses appetite. Sadly, using cocaine this way can also lead to addiction and can result to other health hazards and complications. 


Long Term Cocaine Use


An individual who is suffering from cocaine addiction will start exhibiting the dangerous long term effects of substance abuse for a prolonged period of time. Heavy cocaine use leads to tolerance to the drug, which in turn forces the user to crave for more in order to get to the same ‘high’ he or she wanted. Hence, the long term effects of this kind of addiction can lead to heart disease, respiratory failure, gastrointestinal problems, stroke, seizures, heart attack, coma, and worse - death. The less severe impacts of long term use are nausea, blurry vision, fever, chest pains, muscle spasms, and convulsions.


Aside from the physical effects, the addiction can cause other psychological problems such as restlessness, auditory hallucinations, mood disturbances, irritability, and paranoia. This kind of addiction can also have an adverse effects on relationships, because addicts would often display negative behaviours like lying, cheating, stealing, and doing everything they can to support their drug use. 



Addiction to cocaine is very destructive in a lot of way. Thus, the best move is to abstain from the drug and never mess with it.


About me

My name is Amy burns and this is a prologue to my journey towards becoming sober and well. I have documented my personal battle and struggles against cocaine addiction here. It is my hope that like me, you will be able to fight your inner demons and be well. Be a better you today!